Trust is vital factor when registering a LPA

When making a lasting power of attorney it is essential that the person you nominate is someone you trust implicitly.

This advice comes from Matthew Parker, a lawyer with Marshall, Parker and Associates in the US.

Speaking to the Citizens Voice, he said it is never a good idea to choose someone you don't know well as a power of attorney is a "very powerful" document.

"You give them essentially all the power you have to manage your assets," Mr Parker explained.

"All these powers are supposed to be used to serve your best interests, not line their pockets."

He suggested that often, the more distant the relationship between the people concerned, the more likely it is that theft will occur.

Indeed, he claimed that where power of attorney is handed to nephews and nieces, there are more cases of fraud than where sons and daughters are handed control.

There are two main types of lasting power of attorney. In one case, the nominated person is given control over your property and financial affairs, and in the other they are able to make decisions about your welfare and health on your behalf.

Posted by Gemma Roskell

Published on: September 6, 2010

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