Alzheimer's research highlights need for POA

New research into Alzheimer's disease has highlighted the importance of obtaining a lasting power of attorney form.

A team of experts at Utah State University discovered a link between having a spouse with dementia and increased dementia risk.

They found that people who care for partners with Alzheimer's are six times more likely to develop the illness themselves.

Commenting on the research, Andrew Scheuber, a spokesman for the Alzheimer's Research Trust, said more studies must be carried out in this area before any conclusive links can be established.

"It might be the environment they're in, it might be that couples have a similar lifestyle, it could be that some of these environmental factors like diet and the level of exercise that they undertake," he explained.

However, the findings may encourage couples to think about making a lasting power of attorney, which will allow someone else, such as a son or daughter for example, to make decisions on their behalf should they both suffer from dementia.

Posted by Gemma Roskell

Published on: May 7, 2010

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