More people registering LPAs

More people are registering lasting powers of attorney to ensure decisions can be made on their behalf should they become incapable, figures show.

The 2007-08 annual report from the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) reveals that the number of people applying to register lasting power of attorney forms has been far higher than predicted.

In March 2008 the OPG received 6,000 applications - three times as many as in previous years and equivalent to 72,000 per year.

OPG chief executive, Martin John, said: "The introduction of the mental capacity act has resulted in a high volume of applications to register powers of attorney, a sign that people are increasingly thinking about and planning for their futures."

Lasting powers of attorney were introduced in October last year. They allow an individual to choose someone to make decisions about their property, finance and personal welfare on their behalf if they lose the mental capacity to do so themselves.

They replaced enduring powers of attorney, which apply to property and affairs only, not personal welfare. People who made these types of arrangements cannot make any changes to them. However, they can still use them by registering them with the OPG.

Published on: August 5, 2008

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