Motorcycle Accidents

It is important to chose the right solicitor if you have been involved in motorcycle accident.

Unfortunately, when there has been a motorcycle accident, emphasis on the cause of the accident is often placed on riders of the motor bike, moped or scooter.

Our specialist team of solicitor’s deal with motor cycle claims, with many of them being motor cycle riders themselves! We have specific expertise in this area and have the knowledge to handle claims on your behalf and also on behalf any passengers that were involved in the accident.  

Our focus is on individual’s needs and the issues that are important to you, to help provide clear and practical advice. One of our top priorities is your rehabilitation after your accident. Our specialist departments work together to get you the best advice possible.  This could be on a full range of legal, medical, financial and social issues that will now affect you.

As well as getting you the compensation you deserve, we will work with you to get the very best medical care and equipment, and help with any employment issues you may have. We can also help with all manner of financial planning, from debt management to effective investment plans.

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