Children's Accidents

It’s important to get a specialist children’s solicitor if you want to make a compensation claim, relating to your child that has had an accident resulting in injury. Child injury claims differ from the procedure for adults.

The medical and legal implications of such an event can make this a challenging area, but our team of children’s lawyers are specialised in dealing with accidents of all kinds that affect children up to 18 years old.

When dealing with children’s accidents in the home, in public places, on the road or in the care of a trusted professional, we recognise the child’s vulnerability. Our focus is to work sensitively with you to make sure minimum distress is caused, whilst working in your compensation claim. We draw on our expertise to help your child recover as quickly and as thoroughly as possible following the accident. We work within a number of different fields including special educational needs, therapeutic services, welfare benefits and mobility assistance to deliver more than just a personal injury claim.

We take a personal and professional interest in your case. We guide you through the legal process in clear and simple steps, so you don’t need to worry about the legal complexities and technicalities.

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