Accidents at Work

If you have been involved in an accident at work and have suffered injury or illness as a result, then you may be feeling a little isolated and uncertain of what to do next.

We could help you claim for compensation if it can be proved that someone is at fault. The person at fault could be your employer, an employee or another company at your workplace. In some cases we may also be able to help you with immediate payments. This could include upfront payments to cover loss of earnings, healthcare costs and the practical changes needed in your home if you are disabled.

We have a dedicated accident team that deals with injury cases on behalf of individuals, trade unions and their members. Our reputation for successfully claiming for workplace injury and accidents makes us a recognised leader in our field.

We take a personal as well as a professional interest in how your case progresses, in order to guide you through the legal process in clear and simple steps. Whatever your worries, we help to put your mind at ease, as we conduct your case smoothly and ensure you receive the compensation, care and ongoing assistance you are entitled to.

Please call 0845 604 1722 for further information or complete our online claim form.