Seven out of ten landlords 'make an effort to help tenants'

by Daniel Jones

The majority of landlords have gone out of their way to help their tenants out of a hole at some point in the last year.

New research by AA Home Membership found seven out of ten of those who rent out homes said that they have drastically changed their plans to provide urgent assistance to a tenant.

While one in five had returned home from a holiday in order to deal with a problem at their rental property, another one in five had found a babysitter at short notice so that they were in a position to provide assistance.

Helen Brooker, head of AA Home Membership, said: "Being a landlord is time-consuming, especially as they're on call 24-hours-a-day. Landlords often get a bad reputation for not helping out their tenants when they're needed, but our research shows that's often not the case."

A separate survey discovered only 27 per cent of tenants know who they should contact at times when their landlord is on holiday or not in the area, potentially leaving many stranded in the event of something going wrong.

With only around a third of landlords using a lettings agent, there are plenty of tenants who have nowhere to turn.

Ms Brooker advised landlords to give tenants a list of other people they can contact should they not be available. This could include family members or reliable tradesmen that can be trusted to do a good job in the absence of the property owner.

There is a cost for landlords associated with things going wrong in a rented home, with the average owner being called out three times in the last year to solve issues at an expense of £296.81.

It was also found that many people in the rental industry are accidental landlords, meaning that they didn't intent to let out their home when they bought it, but have been forced to by changing circumstances.

Only a quarter of respondents always intended to buy a home purely to rent it out.

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Published on: January 22, 2014

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