Government commits to family-friendly tenancies

by Daniel Jones

The government has confirmed that it's to introduce new measures that are designed to support families who have taken out a tenancy in the private rented sector.

Communities secretary Eric Pickles explained that there will be a raft of changes that will improve standards and help to protect groups of people who rent their home from a landlord.

One of the benefits will be allowing tenants to request longer tenancies, which will give them far more stability and remove the threat of being evicted at short notice. Nobody wants the roof over their head to be taken away, especially when they have children, so this form of security will be ideal for many.

Additionally, Westminster wants to avoid hidden fees being added to the cost of renting a home, improve the standard of living for people in the private rented sector and force landlords to give tenants a fair deal.

A brand new package is being put together that will reform the market and ensure that tenants can get the best possible arrangements when renting a property.

Mr Pickles said: "Today's proposals will raise the quality and choice of rental accommodation, root out the cowboys and rogue operators in the sector, and give tenants the confidence to request longer fixed-term, family-friendly tenancies that meet their needs."

The government doesn't intend to change the legal framework surrounding the industry, but it will reform the rules and guidance given to landlords. Tenants will also be given more information about what type of tenancies they can request, to give them the best chance of finding the one that is right for them.

A brand new tenants' charter will make it clear where people should go for help if they have a problem in their rented home.

It marks the continuation of the government's support for the private rented sector, which includes schemes such as the £1 billion Build to Rent Fund, which will help to pay for new-build homes for tenants.

Published on: October 3, 2013

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