Landlords given advice on avoiding nightmare tenants

Published by Sarah Ashcroft

The prospect of taking on a tenant who causes all manner of problems is something that landlords dread, as it can not only waste plenty of their time, but cost them money in the long run too.

It may therefore be great news for property owners that the Daily Telegraph has published a guide to avoiding nightmare tenants. The news source noted the first key step is to ask plenty of questions during an initial meeting with someone who is looking for a place to live.

Landlords should also be extremely thorough when it comes to checking references and background history to ensure they are not taking on an undesirable person. It is also worth taking a look at items such as bank statements to ensure the individual has money to their name, while asking a previous landlord whether they always paid their rent on time is a wise move.

Patsy Day, owner of lettings agency Belvoir Bury St Edmonds, said: "We spend time with them during the application process. Our motive is to strike a good relationship with them from the beginning. This approach also allows us to build up a picture of the person we are dealing with."

It was noted by the newspaper that private landlords can sometimes be less careful when it comes to checking all the relevant details. As such, they might just find themselves stung by a nightmare tenant more often than others.

The desire to keep a tenant in check should not diminish once they have been living at the house in question for some time. Instead, landlords are advised to complete inspections every couple of months and carry out a thorough inventory at the start of the process.

It is always hard to trust somebody completely within a few hours or days of meeting them, so thinking further ahead at this stage is a wise move. Landlords are reminded they can even take photos of their property to prove what it looked like prior to being rented out.ADNFCR-1645-ID-801558922-ADNFCR



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Published on: March 19, 2013

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