Landlords 'should promote energy efficiency'

by Sarah Ashcroft

UK landlords with rental agreements on residential and commercial buildings have a responsibility to make their properties more energy efficient, an expert has argued.

According to David Salisbury, chairman of the National Landlords Association (NLA), minimising the consumption of electricity and gas among residents should be one of the top priorities for proprietors - particularly in the current economic climate.

Mr Salisbury went on to note that with the private-rented sector playing a key role in the provision of housing across the country, ensuring energy efficiency is a must for property owners.

His comments coincide with the launch of Big Energy Saving Week - introduced by Citizens Advice - which aims to help members of the public save money on their monthly bills by providing advice about energy saving measures and switching suppliers.

As part of the scheme, the NLA has urged all property owners to work alongside their tenants in a bid to reduce the amount they spend on keeping their homes warm during the winter months, as well as greener methods of generating power.

Research carried out by Citizens Advice revealed that 43 per cent of individuals worry that they cannot afford to pay their next fuel bill, while half say they predict that their payments will put a strain on household finances.

For this reason, the NLA has urged proprietors to join forces with those residing in their properties to ensure that they have selected the most competitive energy tariff for their personal consumption - as changing companies could save families hundreds of pounds.

In addition, a previous study carried out by the advisory body found that one-in-three people do not know that help is available for insulating their properties - and this figure rises to 46 per cent in London.

Therefore, by taking advantage of the government's Green Deal, property owners may improve their dwelling's energy efficiency and also protect the interests of their clients.

Mr Salisbury added: "In light of the recent energy company price rises, many tenants are understandably concerned about their utility expenses."

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Published on: October 26, 2012

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