Pressure from government and tenants to go green

by Sarah Ashcroft

Wise landlords should get ahead of the game by making their property green before there is a real demand for it.

Tom Entwistle of, said that in the coming years there will be increasing pressure on landlords to go green as tenants seek out properties that are energy efficient.

However, with the Green Deal coming into effect, the pressure to make property more carbon neutral is also likely to be coming from the government too.

Mr Entwistle said that is a good idea for landlords to start thinking about making changes in the empty periods while they are carrying out their property inventory.

"Far better that landlords should start to improve the sustainability of their properties now by making improvements when opportunities arise, for example when doing repairs and maintenance, or during void periods, before they are forced to do it," he said.

At the moment many tenants are not as aware of the changes coming into effect but this will change in the very near future and landlords will need to be ready for people demanding higher standards from their tenants.

Luckily, changes are very easy to make and many of them are relatively inexpensive.

"The most obvious and easier features to improve are loft insulation up to 270 mm, cavity wall insulation or wall lagging where appropriate, double glazing and draught proofing," Mr Entwistle said.

However, if landlords want to go that bit further, a new energy efficient boiler can save tenants hundreds of pounds on their energy bills so is likely to be something more people look out for in the future.

Similarly, modern double glazing is a must for many people so must be considered if there is no reason to keep the single glazed panes.

Carolyn Uphill of the National Landlords Association and judge of the NLA Property Women Awards 2012 echoed his points and said that tenants will consider landlords who have made green changes to be more responsible overall.

Landlords can make their tenants look after their rental property in an energy efficient manner with Lawpack's Energy Efficient Tenancy Agreement, which includes clauses that encourage tenants to be energy efficient. It's solicitor approved and includes expert guidance notes.

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Published on: July 13, 2012

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