Landlords can use tenant CVs to improve protection

by Daniel Jones

Landlords may have another weapon in their armoury to protect themselves against bad tenants. In addition to a tenancy agreement template, a property inventory and other similar measures, landlords can ask prospective tenants to provide a personalised CV detailing why they should be preferred.

One in 20 prospective tenants now provide landlords with a CV, according London letting agent ludlowthompson. The tenant CVs range from detailed personal histories to more straight-forward employment and pay records.

According to the letting agent, the type of things people include is extremely varied. Some mention "evidence" of how clean and tidy they are, while others even describe how well housetrained their pet is.

"Fierce competition for properties in the London rental market is forcing tenants to go to extraordinary lengths to secure the property they want," comments Stephen Ludlow, director at the firm. "The latest trend is for tenants to send landlords a personalised CV, explaining why they would be a great tenant."

He adds: "Some of these documents give a really quite personal account of the prospective tenant and go can really reflect the personality of the prospective tenant. They go far and beyond demonstrating that they will be a reliable tenant."

Mr Ludlow remarks that while many landlords simply focus on rent and use the standard referencing checks, others may be "swayed by the personal touch".

While getting a better idea of what tenants are like beforehand may mean landlords are less likely to need a section 8 notice to evict people in rent arrears, Mr Ludlow believes the trend is a symptom of the "overheating" rental market in the capital.

Gary Hall, partner at Knight Frank, recently said there has been a "big jump" in rental values in London since 2009. Meanwhile, the Association of Residential Letting Agents has suggested that demand is outstripping supply in the private rented sector.

CVs, it seems, are also way for tenants to get a leg up in the race for properties.

Published on: November 10, 2011

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