Rental properties in high demand

by Sarah Ashcroft

The demand for rental properties in many areas of the UK is on the rise, one expert has commented.

In many areas, demand is outstripping supply as the number of enquiries per property increases, noted chief executive officer of James Davies.

"Tenants need to position themselves as the favourable one. Of the 15 tenants enquiring about a property, why should the landlord pick you?" Mr Davies advised.

He revealed that demand for tenancy agreements is especially strong in areas such as London, which in turn means that rental costs are higher than ever.

There are, however, ways in which tenants can make themselves appear more attractive to a landlord, such as by signing up for a longer contract period or having good references to hand.

Landlords are more likely to choose a low-risk tenant, so having a credit check may also prove worthwhile, the expert added.

Published on: September 21, 2011

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