Illegal sub-letting 'a problem' with social housing

by Sarah Ashcroft

Thousands of people throughout the UK are breaching the terms of their tenancy agreement by sub-letting social housing, research has established.

Analysing data from 125,000 properties run by ten local councils and housing associations, Experian highlighted the true extent of the problem.

It had previously been estimated by the Audit Commission that 50,000 properties were being occupied illegally and their occupiers involved in tenancy fraud.

Nick Mothershaw, Experian's director of fraud and identity solutions, said: "Our initial research suggests that the level of social housing tenancy fraud in Britain could be much higher than previously estimated.

"Reducing social housing tenancy fraud will significantly reduce the cost of temporary accommodation."

The group suggested that these properties could be vacated and used by those in temporary housing, which currently costs around £18,000 per year, per tenant.

People who are on housing waiting lists may also be able to take advantage.

Published on: September 14, 2011

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