Lodger agreements come with responsibility

by Sarah Ashcroft

Anyone considering setting up a lodger agreement for a room in their home needs to consider their legal responsibilities towards their tenants, an expert has pointed out.

Money agony aunt Liz Barclay emphasised that it is not as easy as simply filling in a lodger agreement template and showing a person around the house.

The individual is required by law to keep the premises in good repair, as well as making sure the gas and electricity supplies are safe.

Furniture also needs to comply with fire regulations, she told a reader of the Independent, while an energy performance certificate needs to be presented to the tenant.

Compiling a property inventory may likewise prove worthwhile to avoid any disputes when it comes to the lodger moving out, Ms Barclay added.

First direct recently suggested that people can pay off their mortgage more quickly by taking advantage of the government's Rent a Room scheme.

  • Landlord and Tenancy News from Lawpack: Solicitor-approved lodger agreement template for getting it in writing when you're renting a room

Published on: September 5, 2011

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