Students see rise in cost of a house share

by Daniel Jones

Students in search of a house share are finding that costs have increased over the past 12 months, latest research has shown, which may have led to a rent increase notice being issued to some tenants.

Findings from Accommodation for Students reveal a year-on-year rise of three per cent, while prices in London have increased by five per cent.

At present, the average rent for a student stands at £67.11, which rises to £108.03 a week in the capital.

Simon Thompson, co-founder and director of Accommodation for Students, suggested that there are two factors affecting rental costs in university cities across the UK.

He explained: "One is the changing nature of accommodation coming on the market. The trend is for hi-spec, better quality student accommodation, and some locations are leading the way in this area."

The second is that some cities are more desirable than others, therefore meaning that landlords can afford to charge higher rents.

Published on: August 16, 2011

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