Minimum efficiency standards needed for letting

by Daniel Jones

Private-rented properties in the UK should be subject to minimum energy efficiency standards before landlords can establish a tenancy agreement, one group has argued.

Consumer Focus explained that the standard should be imposed by 2016 so people can be guaranteed a warm and healthy place to live.

Director of energy at the group Audrey Gallacher commented: "Private-rented housing is amongst the coldest and most likely to leak heat - meaning bigger bills and a greater risk to renters' health."

She highlighted that by implementing a minimum energy efficiency requirement, renters could be saved as much as £500 a year off the cost of their energy bills.

Meanwhile, carbon emissions could be lowered by around 200 million tonnes per year.

The legislation in place at the moment is simply not sufficient enough to make sure this is the case, so swift action must be taken, Ms Gallacher added.

Published on: August 8, 2011

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