Property letting making UK less neighbourly

A rise in the number of tenancy agreements being entered into throughout the country is making people less neighbourly, results of a new survey suggest.

Of the renters questioned by HSBC, 28 per cent revealed they had never introduced themselves to their neighbours, compared to 12 per cent of those who own their home.

Two-thirds of those in their own property revealed they know their neighbours' names, compared to just 39 per cent of renters.

Stuart Beattie, head of secured lending at HSBC, commented: "The difficulty in taking a step onto the property ladder for many first-time buyers has meant that many are remaining in rented accommodation for longer."

He emphasised, however, that people should not view this as a barrier to getting to know the people around them.

Anyone who is looking to buy a property was recently advised by Richard Horner, northern south sector regional executive for the National Association of Estate Agents, to try looking in the north for greater affordability.

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Published on: June 22, 2011

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