Number of tenancy agreements remain buoyant

The amount of people entering into tenancy agreements is likely to remain strong over the coming years, one property expert has predicted.

Tom Entwistle, director at LandlordZONE, believes the situation will remain positive for around five years, as landlords see their rental incomes sustained by tenant demand.

He warned: "This, however, must be set against declining house prices in most areas and a slow-growth economy for at least five years."

Mr Entwistle highlighted that anyone considering becoming a landlord needs to carry out the necessary research beforehand to find the best value property and reliable tenants.

"One bad tenant can turn a good investment into a financial nightmare," the expert advised.

The government recently unveiled plans that would see landlords subjected to greater energy efficiency standards as part of its Green Deal.

If the legislation is enforced, it would be illegal to rent a property with an efficiency rating less than E.

Published on: May 18, 2011

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