Demand for rental agreements to remain strong

The number of people entering into tenancy agreements will remain steady for some time yet, an expert on the property market has indicated.

Malcolm Harrison, speaking on behalf of Let Insurance Services, highlighted that there is a "mortgage famine" at the moment, meaning first-time buyers cannot secure finance.

He continued: "Every time we have a recession, or a near-recessionary period, the private rented sector is the white knight for the whole of the housing [market].

"People have to turn to the private rented sector to find housing."

Mr Harrison urged any landlord thinking of entering the private-rented sector to make sure they have the necessary tools in place, including ways to acquire tenants' references and deposits.

A recent survey from showed that 34 per cent of tenants are living in properties where the gas certificates are out-of-date, meaning their landlords are breaking the law.

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Published on: May 5, 2011

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