Pay As You Save 'has real potential'

by Christopher Evans

The proposed Pay As You Save scheme, part of the government's new energy bill, could enable landlords to improve their leasehold properties.

Simon McWhirter, campaign director at the Great British Refurb Campaign, said that the scheme "has real potential".

"It is a perfect example of what we need in the UK - it has to be easy, it has to be affordable and it has to be attractive," he explained.

"If we get this right, they get a more comfortable home which is cheaper to run, it is more environmentally sensitive and they don't pay any dough for it."

Landlords could attract more tenants if they make a property more energy efficient.

Mr McWhirter remarked that until the bill goes through, property owners do not have the financial incentives to pay for green initiatives, which in turn will help to tackle climate change.

He added: "It is actually difficult, generally expensive and it is not made to look like a particularly attractive proposition for people."

  • Energy Efficient Tenancy Agreement: solicitor-approved AST tenancy agreement download for a furnished property that includes energy efficiency clauses.

Published on: June 10, 2010

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