Letting property "not rocket science"

by Rachel Crook

Letting out a residential property is not "rocket science", it has been stated.

Founder of online property website Briffy.com David Amstell said that using letting agents is not necessary, even though the majority of private rented properties are made available through such channels.

Explaining that it can be done advertising through newspapers and with self-guided tours for prospective tenants, Mr Amstell commented: "As long as you have got the tenancy agreement - which you can get from the official stationers - it's not hard at all. Most tenants are quite reasonable."

He added that lettings agents "do very little" in view of the charges they levy for their services.

According to the most recent Finadaproperty.com survey, which came out last month, the average UK monthly rent is £827.

Published on: May 22, 2009

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