Rental market 'becoming increasingly crowded'

The rental market is becoming is becoming an increasingly crowded sector as more young people are deciding to move out of their parents' homes, it has been suggested.

People are now waiting until they are older to purchase their first home, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) states.

This, along with a decline in the amount of social housing that is being built, is leading more young people to rent a property.

Paul Sellers, housing policy adviser at the TUC, said: "Private renting has become a very crowded sector and is getting very busy as people are moving out and buying at the moment."

He also added that the public sector should be pushed to build more homes over the new few years.

A guide recently published by the TUC called A Place To Live: A Guide To Housing Options For Young People, revealed that 34 per cent of 25-year-old men and 19 per cent of 25-year-old women live at home.

Published on: December 15, 2008

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