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Residential Lettings: The Complete Guide

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'A must-read for every landlord, whether novice or expert' - National Landlords Association. New 2015 edition.
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Landlord's Guide to Tenant's Rights

Tessa Shepperson

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This essential guidebook for landlords answers all your questions about tenancy law and tenant's rights.

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Page Length: 326
ISBN: 9781906971823
Edition: First
Published: 2008
File Type: PDF
File Size: 1 MB

This essential guidebook for landlords will answer all your questions about tenancy law, tenant's rights and how you and your properties are protected by the law.

Are you a landlord who is in the dark when it comes to what you should expect when renting?
Do you know what you must allow your tenants to be able to do… and what you can stop them from doing?
This book will answer all questions that landlords have about the law and tenancy.

Written by Tessa Shepperson, a specialist in tenancy law, this book has been written to help you understand the law as it affects your tenants. In a practical and easy-to-understand manner, this guide tells you exactly what the rights of your tenants are. It also highlights exactly what their responsibilities under the law are.

Renting: The Essential Guide covers...

  • Tenancy Deposit Schemes and the landlord
  • The fine line between landlord demands and landlord harassment... and how to avoid overstepping it
  • Tenant Eviction and the law on evicting a tenant
  • When a deduction from the rent can be made by a landlord (and when it can’t)
  • Housing Benefits and the law
  • Legal proceedings and court cases
  • HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation) and the law

About the Author

Tessa Shepperson is a specialist lettings lawyer, author and lecturer, well known as an expert in her field. She is also the author of Taking in a Lodger - An Essential Legal Guide and Residential Lettings: The Complete Guide, which are also published by Lawpack.

Renting: The Essential Landlord's Guide Key Topics include:

  • The English legal system and landlords
  • What is a tenancy?
  • The different types of tenancy
  • Tenant Court claims
  • The right to housing
  • The right to information about the tenancy
  • The tenant's right to information about their landlord
  • The tenant's right to be treated fairly 
  • Landlord's responsibility for Property repairs and safety
  • Tenancy agreements 
  • Landlord/Tenant Rent matters
  • Housing benefit and tenancy
  • The landlord's right to make deductions from the rent (set-off)
  • The tenant's right to live in the property undisturbed
  • Landlord Harassment (and how landlords can avoid it)
  • Tenant Eviction
  • The tenant's right to buy
  • Subletting and the tenant
  • Subletting and the landlord
  • Damage deposits (tenancy deposits)

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Renting: Essential Guide to Tenants' Rights cover image
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