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How to Avoid Landlord Taxes 2015/16

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How to Avoid Landlord Taxes: over 100 property tax-saving tips and tax avoidance hints for landlords and investors.

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Rent Book

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How to Make Money From Student Property

Lynette Tomlinson

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Find out how to become a successful student landlord today with our practical guide to the student letting market.

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Buy-to-let landlords: With the 'boom-time' years of escalating house prices now ended, you may think there's no money to be made from student property. But you're wrong.

In her student landlord guide How to Make Money from Student Property, Lynette Tomlinson - the owner of a successful student letting agency in Nottingham - shows you that student landlords can still make a good profit from student letting, even in the current climate.

Whether you're a...

  • Part-time property investor looking to become a full-time buy-to-let landlord; 
  • An inexperienced first-time buyer or student parents who want to gain a foothold in the student property market; 
  • An experienced student landlord struggling in the current buy-to-let market; 
  • An experienced landlord wanting to expand your buy-to-let property portfolio; or
  • A student tenant who wants to learn more about the private student accommodation options outside of university halls 

...then this student landlord guide is perfect for you.

How to Make Money from Student Property is packed full of practical, useful advice guiding landlords through the path to success and outlining the mistakes you should avoid in the competitive student letting market.

Lynette uses her years of experience in building her own student letting agency to provide landlords with real, honest advice on the whole student letting process - all the way from property purchase, through the student year letting cycle, to future tips to expanding a student property portfolio.

Each chapter of How to Make Money from Student Property includes a "success principles" summary plus standard forms and letters, useful for the new student landlord reader. 

In her student landlord guide Lynette shows you how marketing to the emerging "millennium" generation of student tenants - who are impressed by a student property that fits perfectly with their student lifestyle - is the key to beating the competition.

Plus How to Make Money from Student Property outlines the key student letting regulations you should follow when becoming a student landlord.

Buy How to Make Money from Student Property and get your easy-to-read, understandable guide to the student letting market today!

About the Author

Lynette Tomlinson is the Managing Director of Tomlinson Estate Management, a successful student letting agency in Nottingham managing more than 130 student properties, including many of her own buy-to-let properties. Her pioneering vision is to provide contemporary, high-quality student accommodation. She is Vice-Chair of East Midlands Property Owners (EMPO), a member of the Landlords Liaison Executive Committee and Nottingham Housing Strategic Partnership. She networks on a national level with student landlords and letting agents and has her finger on the pulse of the ever-changing student market.

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How to Make Money from Student Buy-to-let Property Contents:

The student lettings market is changing

  • The expectations of the 'millennium generation' of student tenants
  • Government factors and student letting legislation 
  • University accommodation factors
  • Local community student accommodation factors
  • Growth in the current student letting sector
  • How to research your student buy-to-let market thoroughly

Success factors for buying and renovating student buy-to-let property

  • How to research and purchase your student buy-to-let property
  • How to purchase your student property - mortgages, offers and exchanging contracts
    How to repair your student buy-to-let property
  • How to renovate your student buy-to-let property – furnishing and designing the property to attract student tenants

The easy guide to the student letting cycle - catching the student tenant!

  • How to market your student buy-to-let property
  • The viewing process - selecting the right level of rent
  • Getting your student tenants to commit - taking a deposit and credit checking your student tenants
  • Signing tenancy agreements

The easy guide to the student letting cycle – managing the student!

  • Moving in your student tenants - utilities, insurance, tax, property inventory
  • Managing your relationship with your student tenants - maintenance, safety checks
  • The move-out - what to do at the end of the tenancy

Legal and financial

  • General legal principles - ending contracts and breach of tenancy agreements
  • A basic overview of tenancies - leases, tenancy agreements, fixed-term or periodic tenancies
  • Other relevant legislation - discrimination, the student landlord and tenant relationship
  • Health and safety legislation 
  • HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) legislation 
  • An overview of key legal documents - tenancy agreements, deed of guarantee
  • Financial issues - rent collection, bounced cheques

Handy tips for student landlords! 

  • How to relate to your student tenants
  • Common questions and answers for student landlords
  • What to do when things go wrong - a student tenant drops out, a tenant doesn't pay the rent, etc.
  • The general principles of student landlord success! 

The way forward

  • How to expand your student buy-to-let property portfolio
  • How to make a lasting student property investment strategy
  • How to continually improve as a student buy-to-let landlord

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