Landlords targeted over sub-standard accommodation

by Daniel Jones

Nottingham City Council has announced that it's set to launch a major crackdown on landlords in the city who fail to adhere to some of its most important rules.

A £124,000 fund has been set up to pay for a scheme that will aim to identify and punish those landlords who provide substandard accommodation or allow overcrowding to take place in their properties, reports the Nottingham Post.

It was revealed last month that the money had been secured from the government and Nottingham City Council has now revealed how it will spend the first £49,600.

This amount will be used to fund an intelligence hub to gather information about potential offenders, a social media site to raise awareness of the problems some tenants face and extra training for landlords designed to help them keep within the letting regulations.

In particular, the creation of an intelligence hub will allow the local authority to more effectively keep on top of who might be breaking the rules and allowing tenants to live in unacceptable conditions, while also giving local people a contact centre to report possible breaches to.

A report on the scheme has been published and reads: "The project will put additional resource into enforcement to enable officers to focus on rogue landlords and work proactively to address issues."

The council is also set to recruit a number of extra enforcement officers to conduct inspections of rented homes, carry out raids and report back on those who are providing substandard accommodation.

Such a scheme should serve as a reminder to landlords across the UK that they must meet the requirements placed on them or they could face investigation and significant consequences.

Nottingham City Council was just one of 23 local authorities in the country to win a share of a £4 million government pot to tackle substandard rented accommodation, so similar work is likely to be completed in many other towns and cities.

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Published on: February 12, 2014

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