Landlords could be wise to evaluate energy efficiency of homes

Published by Sarah Ashcroft

Landlords in the UK may be wise to think long and hard about the energy efficiency of the homes they rent out - and many might even want to call an expert in to take a look at exactly where they are losing heat.

Chayley Collis, marketing manager at Green Building Store, has been speaking about the importance of insulation and noted it would be "sensible" to secure a builder's services for the day to check out a property and where it is failing in terms of energy efficiency.

"We are finding that there is a lot of interest in refurbishing homes. As energy bills are going up, I think people are seeing the sense in making their homes cosier," she stated.

Landlords are likely to be no different in this regard, as a more efficient property and cheaper bills are sure to pay off for them in the long run. It may make it easier to find people to rent a home if they can promise that it is energy-efficient, while they will only have to fund smaller invoices when the property is empty for any reason.

Ms Collis went on to explain that good green work is not all about packing as much insulation into a building as possible. Instead, Britons should think about the air tightness of the abode and how thermal bridging can be reduced in order to ensure the insulation is continuous.

"You also have to think about ventilation and have quite a holistic approach. When improving the energy efficiency of your home, you have to look at quite a few different factors at the same time," the expert added.

Green home improvements are a hot topic in the UK right now, perhaps making it a good time to have them completed. And with the benefits due to remain in place for many years to come, it would seem foolish to miss out on the plus points of energy efficiency any longer.ADNFCR-1645-ID-801547712-ADNFCR

Published on: February 27, 2013

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