Bournemouth 'launches first landlord register'

by Sarah Ashcroft

Landlords in Bournemouth have been given a new way to ensure their approval rating among prospective tenants is high - by signing up for a new register.

The Dorset town has become the first in the UK to launch a regional accredited landlords' register, with the list also covering nearby towns and settlements such as Poole, east Dorset, Christchurch and Purbeck, reports the Bournemouth Echo.

Among the issues that bosses at Bournemouth Council hope can be tackled through the scheme are poorly-maintained properties and tenants that commit antisocial behaviour. Both instances should be eradicated if the register proves to be a huge success.

Robert Lawton, cabinet member for housing at the council, said: "To get this accreditation landlords need to meet certain criteria, so if they are on the register our officers know they have well-run properties.

"They can then concentrate on those landlords who, for whatever reason, are not signed up and will be better able to tackle the various problems caused by houses of multiple occupation, particularly in the Boscombe and Winton areas."

The register could prove to be extremely good news for both landlords and tenants, as the former will be able to prove their credentials easily and accurately, while the latter can be confident that they are renting a home from an approved landlord providing their name appears on the document.

Should tenants find any problems with the property they are renting, they can report them to the accreditation body. This may lead to landlords who neglect their responsibilities being struck from the register and finding their reputation is damaged among local people.

Similarly, problem tenants could be identified by landlords more easily, who will then be aware not to rent properties to them.

Julia Carter has been a landlord in Bournemouth since 1977 and she told the news source that she is delighted by news of the register. She explained it will help landlords gain support for various problems they encounter and make it easier to find trustworthy tenants.

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Published on: February 13, 2013

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