Landlords 'need to check properties regularly'

by Sarah Ashcroft

Securing a long-term tenant can be a dream scenario for landlords, as it ensures that they will have rental income for many months - and perhaps even years. No property owner wants their building to be empty, so a dweller who is prepared to stay for a lengthy period is not to be sniffed at.

But that is not to say it is a case of renting out a home and leaving it uninspected for the entire duration of a tenancy. In fact, the best idea is to carry out regular inspections of the abode - a point that has been recommended by the Landlord Syndicate.

The group said that many people feel that failure to check a property means they stand a greater chance of being involved in a dispute in the future. Ensuring everything is in order frequently makes this less likely.

Nick Lyons, managing director of NoLettingGo, said there has been a number of incidents in recent times that have raised concern among industry experts. These tend to revolve around problems going unreported by tenants and missed by property owners who do not check the building in question on a regular basis.

"We have had floods that weren't reported to landlords, numerous cases of sub-letting and most commonly at this time of year, where tenants are neglecting to air properties, build up of condensation and mildew contributing to long-term damage," he stated.

The Landlord Syndicate responded by suggesting landlords need to be clear on their role and to act as quickly as possible - which can mean actively seeking problems, rather than waiting for them to be reported or simply carrying out an inspection when a tenant moves out.

With the average stay in rented property growing to 17 months from 13 months in recent times, simply ignoring a house until it changes hands can be a disastrous move. Landlords may well find they pay more in the long run if they do not keep a handle on the state of their homes.ADNFCR-1645-ID-801529434-ADNFCR

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Published on: January 28, 2013

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