Landlords warned of carbon monoxide dangers

by Sarah Ashcroft

Landlords across the UK have been urged to carry out checks on appliances throughout all their properties in a bid to spot the early signs of a carbon monoxide leak.

To mark Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, which ends today (November 26th), the National Landlords Association (NLA) has advised proprietors to ensure that they are complying with regulations as the colder months approach.

According to guidelines, property owners are required by law to have all gas appliances checked every 12 months and present a report written about the checks to each tenant.

For this reason, the scheme aims to increase the general public's awareness of the dangers of the life-threatening gas, while highlighting the importance of monitoring any oil, wood, coal or gas equipment.

In addition, the NLA has urged proprietors to install carbon monoxide detectors in their residences, which will warn tenants in the case of a leak and therefore is a valuable addition to any home.

The body warned landlords of the dangers of hiring in an illegal fitter to carry out tasks, as only Gas Safe-registered engineers can effectively ensure tha the odourless, colourless and tasteless gas is not present.

Richard Price, director of operations at the NLA, said property owners should have their appliances checked annually by an accredited worker, while improving their knowledge of the dangers of carbon monoxide.

He added: "Landlords would also be wise to fit carbon monoxide detectors in each of their properties - it could be the difference between life and death."

The harmful gas can kill individuals who are exposed to it within hours, as well as cause serious illness through long-term exposure by reducing the blood's ability to carry oxygen.

Symptoms of poisoning include nausea, breathlessness, headaches, dizziness and loss of consciousness.

Tenants who are worried about their exposure to carbon monoxide, or who believe their properties have not been checked for signs of the gas, should contact the gas emergency number.ADNFCR-1645-ID-801494737-ADNFCR

Landlords who want advice on what safety regulations they need to comply with should consult Lawpack's book Residential Lettings - The Complete Guide. It discusses in detail your obligations as a landlord, including gas, electricity and fire checks.

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Published on: November 26, 2012

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