Landlords urged to maintain regular property checks

by Daniel Jones

Landlords with multiple properties will know that making regular scheduled visits to let homes is an important part of maintaining stock and managing tenants.

Failure to do so could result in disputes with tenants, either because they are concerned defects are not being addressed, or because it makes it difficult to spot problem tenants at an early stage.

Chartered surveyors e.surv has sought to address this with a new property inspection service, called PropertyCare+.

Targeted at both homeowners and landlords, the service offers an annual inspection of the building and household appliances such as boilers.

Surveyors will assess what needs immediate attention and highlight areas that may need to be addressed in the future.

For landlords, the service is a way to manage properties without relying on tenants or managing agents to inform them of defects.

This could make setting out and fulfilling the terms of tenancy agreements easier for both tenants and landlords, by outsourcing this inspection task to specialists.

E.surv director Richard Sexton explained: "Houses are living, breathing things that need continuous care, and a lot can happen over that time.  Damp can set in, boilers can go on the blink, and timbers can rot. 

"Without regular check-ups, costs can rack up as the condition of the property deteriorates over time."

Annual inspections begin at just £199 for a two-bedroom property, rising to £269 for five bedrooms.

Mr Sexton notes that this is a fraction of what some repairs, such as those to roofs, can cost landlords.

But do note that landlords must give notice to their tenants that they are making an inspection to the property.

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Published on: January 5, 2012

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