'Good time' to become a student landlord

by Daniel Jones

There are various advantages to becoming established in the student lettings market, providing the right product is on offer, an expert has said.

David Lawrenson, a property letting expert and owner of LettingFocus.com, highlighted that students want properties that are in the right area.

It is also worth noting that students will only go in search of tenancy agreements at certain times of year, the expert said, which will vary between universities.

"With rising fees coming in, you have to look at the level of demand coming in for that particular education institution where you are buying," he continued.

Mr Lawrenson emphasised that some universities will not be getting the level of demand that they were expecting, which landlords need to be mindful of.

It is also worth seeing what other accommodation is available, as large-scale developments from companies such as Unite will likely prove popular with students.

Published on: September 14, 2011

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