Landlords can learn to pay less tax

by Daniel Jones

Landlords can find a number of tax-saving techniques that mean they will still be complying with the law.

In some cases, people may find they can avoid paying landlord tax all together if they know the right way to proceed, but the key is to obtain proper advice.

For example, How to Avoid Landlord Taxes is a guide produced by property tax specialist Arthur Weller and buy-to-let landlord Amer Siddiq for Lawpack, which outlines some of the best ways to pay less tax.

Among the areas they consider are how to lower landlord capital gains tax liability, avoid paying stamp duty and reduce an inheritance tax bill.

The experts also advise on how to offset property-related expenditures, use property partnerships to lower landlord income and capital gains tax bills and receive tax breaks for holiday lettings.

Property owners may also find they can receive a landlord's tax-free income of £4,250 by renting out a spare room.

Published on: August 4, 2011

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