Buy-to-let 'remains a strong investment'

Investing in buy to let properties remains a great way of making a return on cash at the moment, one expert has highlighted.

Roger Southam, chairman and chief executive of Chainbow, explained that the private-rented sector is being viewed as a "serious investment class".

"Over the last ten to 15 years, the indices all show that residential has been about the best performing asset class from a renting point of view," he continued.

Mr Southam stressed that people need to make sure they have the confidence to invest in the buy to let market, which should be made easier due to current market conditions.

Darren Owen, director at Property & Finance Solutions, recently said that landlords with a number of properties under their belt are seeking to extend their portfolios, while those who operate on a smaller scale are less inclined to do so.

He noted that smaller landlords tend to have greater concerns about negative equity and suchlike.

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Published on: July 4, 2011

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