Sensible pricing 'will help' DIY house selling

by Sarah Ashcroft

Pricing needs to be given careful consideration when putting country homes on the market, people thinking about DIY house selling have been informed.

Hadley Lyas, director at Fine & Country Homes, highlighted that the market is still remaining positive for those who are not pricing themselves out and are realistic about their situation.

He continued: "Where the properties are sticking in the market is when clients or vendors are wanting to try and push a price too high.

"Those sorts of houses will obtain viewings, but they won't necessarily achieve any offers."

Mr Lyas stressed that anything over £3 million is taking a considerable amount of time to sell at the moment, unless it has unique assets to draw in buyers.

The Buying Solution reported earlier this month that the £1.5 million to £3 million country homes market is currently particularly strong, as are sales of agricultural land.

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Published on: April 12, 2011

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