Repair budget control proposed for tenants

by Daniel Jones

Renters of social housing who look after their properties and abide by their tenancy agreements could be given new powers under government proposals.

They suggest that many home improvements are undertaken by tenants already, so local councils and housing associations would be able to cut costs by using their labour.

Tenants will therefore be able to either request that they do the work themselves or employ someone locally before keeping the savings made for themselves.

Housing minister Grant Shapps commented: "When residents take pride in their homes it saves their landlords cash, so I think it's right that tenants should benefit too."

Known as the Tenant Cashback scheme, the initiative would be administered by landlords, who would be responsible for determining how much cash is to be shared.

Paragon recently found that the private-rented sector is starting to improve throughout the country, as people make the most of the flexibility offered by letting property.

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Published on: April 7, 2011

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