Buy-to-let properties getting more affordable

There may be a surge in landlords seeking buy to let advice as an expert believes the market is starting to improve.

Editor at Property Hawk Chris Horne highlighted that mortgage finance is more readily available and the supply of affordable homes is getting better.

"The question in the short to medium-term is where the property prices are going to go - whether there is going to be a double dip," he explained.

Mr Horne highlighted that landlords can afford to take a longer term view, which may ultimately benefit their finances as they can choose a more favourable option for their mortgage.

Mortgage Works reported earlier this month that 51 per cent of brokers believe the number of new landlords will increase in 2011, compared to 24 per cent who predict there will be a fall.

Furthermore, 56 per cent believe that once the first buy-to-let property has been bought, landlords will be more open to future purchases.

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Published on: March 28, 2011

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