Landlords subject to too many laws

Imposing greater regulations on the private-rented sector should be avoided at all costs, one expert has said.

Those drawing up tenancy agreements are already subject to too many laws, suggested director at Tom Entwistle, so there is little point in making the situation worse.

"We are in favour of improving the professionalism of landlords and cutting out the bad guys, but we are not in favour of making the good ones jump through more and more hoops," he continued.

The expert pointed out that more legislation runs the risk of leaving unscrupulous landlords largely unaffected, which may prove counterproductive.

Figures from the Property Ombudsman show that there were 1,338 new complaints against estate agents in 2010, marking an annual increase of six per cent.

The report acknowledged that the government is largely not in favour of imposing greater regulations on the private-rented sector.

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Published on: March 17, 2011

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