House selling saw a boost in February

Last month saw an increase in the number of properties being put on the market, which may also be indicative of a rise in DIY house selling.

Statistics from the National Association of Estate Agent's (NAEA) show that year-on-year, there was a 25 per cent rise in the level of housing stock.

It also appears that first-time buyers are entering the market once again, as the number of sales made to this group rose from 24 per cent in January to 25 per cent the following month.

"The signs are that they are being more realistic about the price they can expect to achieve when they put their house on the market," acknowledged NAEA president Michael Jones.

Legal & General statistics showed earlier this month that 30 per cent of adults in the UK are expecting to move house at some point this year.

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Published on: March 17, 2011

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