Tenant complaint protection overturned

Landlords could find that new protective legislation against tenants' grievances is overturned.

A proposal in the new localism bill is intended to make tenants seek out backing from a local MP or councillor before going to the ombudsman for redress.

Richard Capie, director of policy and practice at the Chartered Institute of Housing, has told MPs that tenants should not be unfairly deterred from making complaints.

In an address to the parliamentary committee, chair of the Tenant Services Authority Anthony Mayer said that such a measure will exacerbate the situation of some tenants.

He commented: "You have got a hidden social housing sector that has been ignored, ignored, ignored and that is tenants in the private sector paying housing benefit to landlords where there is no control of the quality of service provided by those landlords."

Landlords should make sure they thoroughly go through contracts and tenancy agreements with the future occupants of their rental property in order to reduce the possibility of grievances.

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Published on: February 3, 2011

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