Hips suspended for home sellers

by Morag Lyall

Home Information Packs (Hips) have officially been suspended, it was announced yesterday (May 20th).

Communities secretary Eric Pickles and housing minister Grant Shapps made the move ahead of an actual ban which would need to be passed through parliament later in the year.

This will come as welcome news to people who are selling their own home as Hips have often been criticised as an expensive and useless document.

For people who are already DIY house selling, this move will save a further £300 to £500.

Mr Pickles commented: "The expensive and unnecessary [Hip] has increased the cost and hassle of selling homes and is stifling a fragile housing market.

"That's why I am taking emergency action to suspend the Hip, bringing down the cost of selling a home and removing unnecessary regulation from the home buying process."

He added that the move should remove uncertainty of selling in the housing market.

Hips were a compulsory document that highlighted energy efficiency and other ratings in the building.

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Published on: May 21, 2010

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