Prove your home's value to sell it faster

by Christopher Evans

Homeowners hoping to achieve a quick sale on their property without compromising on the price should take steps to prove its worth.

In an article for CBS, real estate expert Joanna Cleaver said sellers should take control of marketing their property to potential buyers and convince them that they are getting a good deal.

She encouraged homeowners to collect documents and evidence that justify the price they are asking for.

For example, they could present buyers with receipts for home improvements and maintenance, as well as invoices for any new appliances that boost the property's energy efficiency rating.

Data pertaining to the local area, such as crime statistics and performance results for nearby schools, may also be useful.

Ms Cleaver also advised homeowners to make sure they stage their home before potential buyers arrive to view it by removing "knick-knacks" and de-cluttering.

People looking to sell their property themselves without paying estate agent fees should make sure they thoroughly research the market and compare the cost of similar properties in the area before setting their asking price.

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Published on: April 22, 2010

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