DIY house sellers must be aware of asbestos

Insurer Aviva is urging landlords and property owners, especially those selling their own homes, to ensure that they observe all the relevant safety regulations after a company was prosecuted for exposing construction workers to asbestos.

Commercial landlord Frank Bruce and Company was aware of asbestos in the roof insulation of a building in Bristol, but did not warn the subcontractors involved about it, leading to a fine of £18,000.

In advice that may be pertinent to those taking a DIY house selling route, Aviva's liability risk manager Phil Grace said it is important for anybody responsible for a building to manage the risk of the deadly substance.

"This can be done by checking building records and any previous fire damage, which may have led to refitting parts of the building involving materials containing asbestos," he added.

The Health and Safety Executive offers free advice on dealing with asbestos safely and legally, which may be useful to those involved in DIY house selling.

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Published on: April 22, 2010

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