Buy-to-let 'still sound'

by Rachel Crook

Buy to let is still "fundamentally sound", the National Landlords Association (NLA) has stated.

NLA spokesperson Steve Hilton said the industry is in a solid state and that the body is "confident" that investors can be "flexible" and adapt to changing conditions in the housing market.

Mr Hilton emphasised that the NLA warns against "speculative or uninformed" approaches to investment, adding: "We discourage those looking for a 'quick buck' to see renting property as some kind of cash cow."

The NLA response came after a report was produced by researchers at Nottingham University into the future of buy-to-let in Britain.

One key conclusion is that the industry is well established and there is not likely to be a drift back to the 20th-century model of ever-increasing home ownership.

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Published on: May 15, 2009

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