Country homes soon to be out of reach for young

Young people are going to find it increasingly difficult to afford a home in the countryside.

This is according to a survey by insurance company NFU Mutual, which has found that nearly a quarter of rural residents expect young people to be forced into towns and cities.

Lower wages, a lack of affordable housing and the rising cost of living were all cited as reasons.

And spokesperson Laura Wood remarked: "The high number of respondents who believe that living in the countryside is becoming an impossible dream for young families is very worrying for the future of rural Britain."

In addition, 19 per cent predicted that young people would simply prefer to live in cities, regardless of the economic factors.

Earlier this month Michael O'Flynn, content editor for the FindaProperty website, advised those seeking to get on the property ladder that luxuries such as holidays and eating out would have to be sacrificed in order to afford a deposit.

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Published on: October 15, 2008

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