EPC warning for landlords with student properties

by Sarah Ashcroft

People letting student property are being urged to obtain energy performance certificates (EPCs) for all their properties as soon as possible to avoid falling foul of new legislation.

From October 1st all landlords must provide an EPC to prospective tenants. They include information about the energy efficiency of the property by rating it on a scale of A to G as well as its impact on the environment.

However, because student landlords have already secured tenancies for the current academic year - from September to September - there has been no rush for them to obtain one.

But Paragon Mortgages is insisting that student landlords should not "rest on their laurels" and delay getting an EPC since many students will be looking to sign contracts for next year's accommodation in November and December.

Failure to provide an EPC assessment could result in fines of up to £200 and a ban on advertising property for rent.

As Mr Heron points out, EPCs are just one of an "increasing number of regulations" that landlords are required to comply with so it is important that anyone letting property is aware of their legal rights and responsibilities.

Published on: August 7, 2008

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