Buy-to-let 'can still be a money maker'

People can still make money in the buy to let market, but they must choose their properties carefully and seek advice on letting successfully and abiding by the law, it has been claimed.

Tom Entwistle, editor of Landlordzone, said investors need to be discerning about where they buy property and the types of homes they buy into.

For example, he suggested terraced houses will yield stronger returns in the current market than urban flats, which are in oversupply in some areas.

"It's still possible to make money, even now, but you've got to be very careful about getting the right advice and being selective about where you buy your properties," he remarked.

But he said affordability problems facing first time buyers mean that demand for rental properties is likely to remain strong, creating opportunities for those looking to let homes.

Landlords looking for ways to make their rental properties more desirable to potential tenants should give consideration to energy efficiency, as according to the National Landlords Association, renters are attracted by homes that consume less energy.

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Published on: August 1, 2008

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