Scotland plans to give tenants more rights

by Shirley Borrett

A new initiative in Scotland is attempting to pick out rogue property managers to ensure renters have the right tenancy agreement.

Stewart Maxwell, communities minister, unveiled measures to improve standards and landlords will need to address factors in order to sign up and gain accreditation.

According to reports from the Scotsman, tenancy organisations across Edinburgh welcomed the plans.

The plans are long overdue, according to a spokesman from the Edinburgh Tenants Federation, and they will ensure landlords and property managers meet high standards of service.

If they do not, they will not be able to gain accreditation.

Tenants will be able to see a clear and concise contract detailing the complaints procedure and they will be able to see a range of evidence for any repair work they are charged for.

This includes quotes from contractors, accounting and billing systems and all management income.

"Homeowners will be able to appoint accredited property managers in the knowledge that they will provide a quality service," Mr Maxwell claimed.

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Published on: July 2, 2008

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