Law Commission wants to tighten regulation

The Law Commission wants to introduce plans to tighten the regulation of the buy-to-let sector and improve standards in the private rented market.

The proposals have been made in a report, entitled 'Housing: Encouraging Responsible Letting'. The report was presented to Parliament on 13 August, after the Law Commission had consulted with both landlords and tenants.

The Law Commission proposes to do the following:

  • Establish a housing standards monitor to guarantee quality in the buy-to-let market.
  • Create a stakeholder board on which all sides - including landlords and tenants - will be represented.
  • Put in place a pilot scheme to test home condition reports.
  • Set up a single code of housing management practice for landlords.
  • Make landlord accreditation schemes available in every local authority area in the country.

The Law Commission also suggests that there should be independent evaluation and development of appropriate incentives to make the programme attractive to landlords.

David Salusbury, chairman of the National Landlords Association, reacted favourably to the report.

He said: "The National Landlords Association welcomes many of the staged reforms the Law Commission proposes. In fact, further enhancing good practice to build on voluntary self-regulation can only be a good thing for both landlords and tenants.

"We are pleased to see the recognition that local authorities have an important role to play in the enforcement of regulation."

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Published on: June 2, 2008

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