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When you're selling your own house or just valuing a property you're looking to buy, it can be hugely beneficial to discover the selling price of similar properties in the same area. These can then be used as a reference in deciding a suitable asking price for selling your own house, or in making a competitive bid if you're buying a house.

The process was once a combination of guesswork and footwork - scouring estate agents' ads for any properties nearby and then trying to decide how appropriate the the information was to your situation, but recent changes at the Land Registry and the mushrooming of internet house price finder sites have changed all that.

You can now use a number of websites to find out the exact selling price of any property that is identifiable by an address. Records are currently available for sales during the past decade.

You could use this information as a reference point, as mentioned earlier, or even to find out the previous selling price of the exact property you're interested in buying or selling.

A property price finder facility is available at each of the following websites:

The Land Registry's own site provides particularly detailed reports on properties, including the last recorded selling price plus claims, rights and encumbrances on the title. There is a small charge for some services.

This site has attracted a lot of press attention. Just provide the address or postcode you're interested in and you'll get a list of properties in the area that have been sold over the last few years. Free property price finder searches are available.

This simple-to-use site requires no registration and has recently been updated to offer UK property prices free of charge. and

Mouseprice and Myhouseprice offer similar names and service. And whilst your at it so does UpMyStreet!

Take your pick and happy house selling.

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Published on: June 3, 2008

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